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Overview and SCREENSHOTS

Main screen

From the selection bar on the left, the different applications can be accessed:

  • Calendar
  • Task List
  • Contacts
  • Memos
  • Diary
  • Confidential Data
  • Budget

The scheduling calendar allows you to enter one-time or repeated appointments and show them in 4 different views, selectable from the button row in the upper right corner:

  • Single day
  • Workdays 
  • Week
  • Month

In addition, the To Do list is visualized on the right.
Appointments can be entered and edited with just a few mouse clicks and the time frame extended or changed by drag and drop.
A click on the toolbar, and all private appointments will disappear from the screen.
Importing scheduled appointments from other applications like Outlook and Palm Organizer can be performed with one click of the mouse, converting them into the encrypted format of AbsolutePrivacy™.


Task List

The task manager helps you to organize and recall your daily todos, sorting them according to priority, due date, category and topic.

Tasks registered in Palm can be imported.

Addresses and Contacts kept safely on your PC.

Even address lists compiled with other applications like Outlook or Palm databases can be transformed into our intrusion proof format. Automated import routines are provided.

For a comprehensive overview of the security features, please, refer to the "Security Features" link.



Many among us feel the need to keep a record on daily personal events, but prefer maintaining their impressions private. With AbsolutePrivacy™ the risk for intrusion is ruled out.

The Memos section is useful for storing all sorts of text information which does not fit into other sections of AbsolutePrivacy™.


Confidential data

Some data are particularly critical, like details on credit cards, bank accounts, ATM cards, passwords in different settings, etc.

The high-end standard of encryption and additional data protection techniques used by this software will store these highly sensitive data in a most secure way.

3 different budgets can be handled by AbsolutePrivacy™, each one allowing for over 30000 categories. Transactions can be recorded as income or expense, public or private.
The summary section will provide a detailed balance of your budget for a wide range of selectable time frames.
Superfluous to remind you that all transactions and the balances are kept absolutely unaccessible to anyone else than you.


Customizing your application

AbsolutePrivacy allows for a wide range of personalization.

Among the most imortant features:

  • Secondary level password : you want to let your secretary, friend, wife etc. view your addresses and schedules, but not your diary and your budget? Protect those functions with a secondary password.
  • Hide private records: all applications let you define particularly sensitive records as private. This will prevent another person to see those records even if she/ he may read the other ones.
  • Auto-Block and Auto-Shutoff: you can choose to hide all data or data marked as private or even to exit the program automatically after a period of inactivity. This period can be customized (default: 5 minutes)

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