Features overview

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Cryptobase® software is composed of several sections or modules.

After launching Cryptobase®, the initial Splash screen appears, showing the name and the code of the last opened database. Use the Preferences command on the Tools menu to select a section to open by default.

To open another section, click a section button on the vertical Launch bar on the left of the window or select the section from the View menu.



Schedule single and recurring appointments, events, anniversaries, etc. View the calendar information in different modes: agenda, single day, workdays (Monday-Friday), whole week, month.

To Do

Manage your tasks, set priorities and due dates and view them in a list. Mark tasks that are complete.

With this module you can also create reusable checklists, e.g. shopping lists.


Store and recall names, addresses and contact information of friends and business partners. Record different contact items (phone, email etc) and user defined info fields.


Any kind of text information that does not fit into other sections.


Record your personal impressions and anything you’d like to keep in a secret diary

Confidential Data

Stores passwords, account access codes and any kind of crucially sensitive information, sorted in different categories (e.g. email accounts, e-commerce access details, bank accounts, online banking passwords, etc.)


Create and manage different accounts. For each one you can record income and expense transactions, sorted in different categories. A detailed balance sheet can be produced for any conceivable time frame.
All transactions can be registered as private or public, and the balance sheet will reflect this option.