Recurring Events

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Recurring Events

Repeated or recurring events are defined by:

  2. the TIME FRAME 

Periodicity of recurrence

Recurrence can be scheduled to occur 

every 1-n days

every workday (Monday trough Friday)

any combination of days of the week, every 1-n weeks

day X every 1-n months
  (e.g. day 14 every 3 months)

every [first, second, third, forth or last] [Sunday....Saturday] every 1-n months
  (e.g. the last Sunday every month)

day X of [Jan...Dec] every year
  (e.g. the 25th July every year)

every [first, second, third, forth or last] [Sunday....Saturday] in [January....December]
  (e.g. the second Wednesday in March every year)

Determining the Time Frame (first and last recurrence)

open (no end) or 

delimited by the number of occurrences or

delimited by a precise end date.