Additional Security Features

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Auto-Shutoff / Auto-Block Data Access

If you activate this function, the program will be closed automatically after a customizable period of 1-15 minutes of inactivity. This prevents you from inadvertently forgetting to close your database when leaving your workstation.

Alternatively, you can opt for not exiting the program, but to just hide the data you marked as particularly sensitive ("private"), to close the active section (e.g. the Calendar or the Diary) or to close the database when the program has been idle for some time.

Time-Limited Clipboard Content

Many times, information retrieved in the organizer has to be copied to other applications with the copy-and-paste technique. There is risk that sensitive data (e.g. passwords) remain inadvertently in the clipboard for long time, even after closing the organizer. In order to avoid this security gap, content copied to the clipboard is kept there only for 30 seconds, normally sufficient to be used in other applications. The app clears the clipboard memory also when exiting the program.

Optional PIN

The PIN code fills only one purpose: it provides an quicker access to the database when the app has been in stand-by (e.g. after having been idle for some time). The PIN may be particularly useful in mobile devices because, being numeric, is less awkward to digit than the more complex main password. However, to maintain a high level of security, supplying the main password is required after entering a wrong PIN-code.

Anti-Sabotage measures

Any attempt to corrupt your database with dummy data in order to make them inaccessable to you (e.g. by using a virus to overwrite/modify the data in your local database) will be detected and will not propagate to the cloud backup. You can restore the database from the cloud repository.

Secure data transfer to and from Cloud Server

The data backed and synced with the cloud repository do travel exclusively as encrypted data. No one intercepting the data on the way to and from the cloud can use o interpret the content. The application sends the encrypted data with double encryption, using a single use random key for every transmission parcel.

If a hacker manages to download a complete database, the file will be worthless as long as he cannot guess its main password. The same is true for someone finding or stealing a smartphone containing your data: the database cannot be cracked and is therefore useless to anyone trying to analyze the content.