Managing confidential data

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Data are grouped into Main categories, subdivided into Secondary categories.
Five default Main categories are predefined.

Every Main Category has a series of predefined Secondary categories.

Main categories

Secondary categories


Bank Accounts, Online Banking, Credit Cards, ATM/PIN/Bankomat


Web Login, Email Accounts, ISP - Internet Service Providers, FTP


E-Commerce, Serial Numbers, Software Licenses, SIM Cards


Documents / Data, Membership


Insurance, Other

You can add new main or secondary categories or rename the existing ones by pressing the button.

Deleting a main category is allowed only after deleting all items in the category.

Deleting a secondary category implies tranferring all items to the <unfiled> category.

Add or edit a  record

Archive a  record

Select a record in the List Pane; then click the button. It will disappear from the conventional subcategories.
To retrieve the record again, select the <Archived> subcategory, select the record in the List Pane. You can restore it by clicking the (restore) button. Alternatively, edit the record, uncheck the <Archived> checkbox and save.

Delete a  record

Select a record in the List Pane; then click the button or press Ctrl-D.