Listing transactions

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Listing Transactions


View single transactions month for month and the totals at the bottom of the screen.

List options:


Time Frame (month or year)

Credit - Debit

Checking the Credit and/or Debit check boxes will show credit or debit transactions, only, or both.

Public - Private

Checking the Public and/or Private check boxes will show public or private transactions, only, or both. 

Private transactions will only be visualized if

1. the budget has been set to show private records in the Settings window 
2. the Show Private Records is selected in the View Menu.


Click on the column header to sort the list accordingly.


Add a transaction
         -  click the Add Credit or Add Debit button to open the Transaction Details window.
 -  from the Menu Bar click Budget and select <Add...>, <Add Debit> or <Add Debit>

The Transaction Details window opens.

Edit a transaction
       Select the item to edit and press the Edit button to reach the Transaction Details window.

Delete a transaction
       Select the item to delete and press the Delete button and confirm.

Change to the Balance sheet

Click on the Balance tab.