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Cryptobase®  -   The Philosophy Behind   -

The idea was to create a program that would allow us to

The result was a SPIM, a Secure Personal Information Manager

The most important objective with Cryptobase® was to achieve easy and universal access to our personal data, and at the same time guarantee foolproof data security. The data are kept locally in a database, on a PC, laptop or a mobile device, while being absolutely intrusion-proof. No one who tries to take a glance on our data, by analyzing our data file directly on the PC or through a network, or by using spyware, should be able to make any sense out of what he may get. Cryptobase® in its primordial fashion was named AbsolutePrivacy, but after completely rewriting the software, implementing extensive changes in database handling and replacing some cryptography algorithms with even more sophisticated ones, and adding cloud services (backup and sync), we also chose to change the name of the app.

Personal Information Managers (PIM) like e.g. Outlook™ are very handy to keep track of appointments and tasks, contacts etc. But the data stored on the harddisk of your PC are readily accessible for anyone with minimal familiarity with the PC.

Password protection of the PC, the windows access session or the file itself may induce a treacherous feeling of security, but circumventing it and finding a way to gain access to your data is no deal for people with some knowledge of PC and file handling.  

Users who need a high degree of security are forced to encrypt sensible data files (databases) with a secure encryption routine every time they leave the PC. There are major drawbacks with this strategy:

Cryptobase® has been created to overcome these weak points.

The main security principle is that it works with a constantly encrypted data file, i.e. the file itself is never decrypted. The data needed for the moment (e.g. a contact address), stored in encrypted format, is picked from the database and decrypted “on the fly” on its way to the screen. Internally, in the file itself, i.e. on the memory support (usually a local harddisk or a remote server), all data remain encrypted. After modifying the single data record, it passes the encryption process before it is sent its way back to the harddisk or to the cloud. State of the art encryption algorithms are used for the purpose.

Many additional security features are implemented to make Cryptobase®  the most secure  SPIM (Secure Personal Information Manager) available.

Unless you choose a weak, easy-to-guess password and share it with someone else, there is no chance for anyone to gain unauthorized access to your data managed with Cryptobase®.

The data are stored in a local database file with the extension ".mydb". While being able to open the db using suitable software, single field encryption with an enormous number of different random keys makes it impossible to crack any data.