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Minimum System Requirements

Installation Procedure

Download the software package (cryptobase_[version number].exe, e.g. cryptobase_1.0.0.31.exe). It comes as a self-extracting –exe file. Installation will begin after double-clicking the file in the file explorer.


The files needed for Cryptobase® to work properly are:

cryptobase.exe is the main program file which creates and manages your database file.

The Database is the most important file and contains your data. It is not shipped with the package, but will be created by the software when Cryptobase® is started for the first time, or whenever you decide to create a new one. All Cryptobase® database files get the extension .mydb. Select a name for your database file and a folder where to place it, or accept the default file name “mydata.mydb” and the default folder (the subfolder \cryptobase of the MyDocuments folder).