Confidential categories

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Main categories

Main categories are dealt with in the same way as categories/calendars/diaries in the other modules (->Categories).

With the following specific rules:

    1. The default main categories cannot be deleted (Economy, Internet, Personal, Products and Miscellaneous)
    2. Main categories added by the user can only be deleted if no data are assigned to the category and if there is no subcategory. Thence, prior to deleting the main category, you have to delete all associated data and subcategories.

Secondary categories

Open the edit window by clicking the [...] button to the right of the secondary categories dropdown list.

The following dialog opens in View mode:

To add, edit or delete secondary categories click the [...] button (1). Handling is identical to other category listings (->Categories). Deleting a category will result in transferring all items of this category to the < Unfiled > category.


For every subcategory, you can define up to 10 descriptive labels that provide a list of default values when adding a new record. They should help to speed up entering new records in the same category, but can be overwritten or erased if not needed.


There are 3 format types for values: single line text, multi-line text and password (disguised characters). You can predefine the format for the corresponding values, selecting the appropriate format from the dropdown list.

Enter the Edit mode by pressing the [Edit labels] button. This allows for adding and editing labels and formats for every row (field). Click the button to save the changes.

To exit the dialog, press the blue Back arrow.