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The personal databases created with  can be backed up securely in the Cryptobase® cloud server, without ever being decrypted on their way to and from the server. Never loose your data due to harddisk failure or any other critical contingency.


If you use your personal data on different machines (e.g. home and office), cloud synchronization is very useful and allows for having your data always updated on all workstations.

During the sync process, only encrypted data travel to and from the cloud. Any interception by an intruder would be useless to him.

Unlike the huge amount of personal data stored in hosted servers, at best protected by generic key encryption and, thence, accessible by authorities etc., Cryptobase® databases are stored with individual user generated encryption: nobody can ever access your data even if someone would manage to get a copy of your database.


Cloud hosting for backup, sync and restoring data is included for 1 year for every database created by the app. If you decide to continue using it, you will be asked a low subscription fee.

Starting the backup/sync process

To access the cloud backup/sync feature:

- from the Tools Menu: "Sync database"

- hit the button on the toolbar


Users who decide to use the cloud service need to establish an account.

Every database has to be associated with the owner's account. This allows you to restore the database if needed.

What happens when starting the sync procedure

You will be redirected to the Account window. Register the account online, following the outlined steps.

You will be redirected to the Account window. Login to your account; it will become the owner of the database.

Create new account

If it is the first time you try to sync/backup a new database, you will need be asked to create an account.

The NEW ACCOUNT form appears: insert your email address and a password. Be sure not to use your main database password.

After creating the account, the database will be registered automatically and the backup process will start.

Associate a database with an existing account

You can associate a new database with an existing cloud account: click on "Login to existing account...", fill in your credentials and press the   (Login) button.

As soon as you have created the account, the encrypted database will be uploaded to the server.

From now on, you can start syncing.

Restoring a cloud based database

From the File menu: select "Restore cloud database"; or from the Tools menu: "Cloud services" > "Restore database"

After logging in to your account, you will get a list of all databases stored in the cloud server that are associated with your account.

Click on the database you wish to restore and press . After specifying the folder, where you wish to save the file, the download starts.

After completing the download, open and login to the database.

How do data travel to and from the cloud?

In the database, all records are stored encrypted, each one with an individual password, randomly chosen from tens of thousands of passwords, each of them composed of random characters.

Before sending data to the cloud, these encrypted records are encrypted once again using a random token.

In the cloud repository, the data are stored in this double encrypted form.

Requested data are returned in the same fashion (double encryption) and will be inserted in the database after single decryption.

Any intercepted data on the way to or from the cloud would be even more useless to the interceptor than a complete database "stolen" from a storage device.