This section will provide a means of encrypting files with maximum security. You can save any type of files (documents, images, etc.) up to a file size or 20 Mb.


The encrypted files are not saved in your database, but in a folder of your choice. You can specify this folder in the "Settings". Any folder on your disk may be appropriate, but a cloud service folder (like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive) might be preferred in order to have these files accessible from all your devices.

The encrypted files are organized like any hierarchical folder system with any number of subfolders.

Data security

Every single file is encrypted with a one time password (OTK), composed of random characters, using a certified high security algorithm (AES).

The original files are not automatically replaced, destroyed or overwritten. After encrypting the file, you are explicitly asked whether to wipe the original file. Wiping the file means that it is overwritten several times with random characters, not only deleted. Therefore, there is no chance to recover it.
Without the OTK, nobody will be able to decrypt the encrypted files. This OTK is saved in encrypted form in your database, again with a password, composed of random characters, and selected randomly from tens of thousands of passwords that are unique for your database. This make it practically impossible for anyone to access your files without knowing your master passphrase/password. This again underlines the importance of choosing a really secure and difficult to guess master password.

The whole files section is regarded as highly sensitive (like the diary and the classified/sensitive data modules) and will therefore be closed automatically if the app has not been in use for a couple of minutes. To show it again you are required to enter the PIN or (after entering a wrong PIN) the main password.

Operations on encrypted files

  • View a file: after selecting the file, it is decrypted into a temporary display folder and the decrypted file appears on the screen. The temporary folder is checked at intervals of 15 seconds and all decrypted files in it will be erased, unless they are still required for viewing.
  • Edit a file (e.g. a Word file): the file is decrypted and copied to a temporary working folder. When closing the file after editing, it is encrypted before being written back to the original folder and the unencrypted working copy is wiped.
  • Save a file: if required you can save a file in clear after decryption
  • Delete a file: deleting a file means that its encrypted version will be wiped and cannot be recovered.