Confidential data

The Confidential Data module provides a safe repository for your classified data, e.g. bank accounts, credit card data, passwords, web access and email account details, or any other important info you need to remember, without disclosing it to anybody.


Data are grouped into Main categories, subdivided into Secondary categories.
Five default Main categories are predefined. Every Main Category has a series of predefined Secondary categories.

Main categories Secondary categories
Economy Bank Accounts, Online Banking, Credit Cards, ATM/PIN/Bankomat
Internet Web Login, Email Accounts, ISP - Internet Service Providers, FTP
Products E-Commerce, Serial Numbers, Software Licenses, SIM Cards
Personal Documents / Data, Membership
Miscellaneous Insurance, Other

Both the main and secondary categories are fully customizable (adding, renaming or deleting items).


Every entry consists of up to 10 label-value pairs and an optional note.
When a new entry is created, default labels are set for each secondary category, but any detail can be overridden (modified, added, ignored or erased).

Data Security

Every single entry is encrypted with a random keyword before being saved. Different entries are stored with different keywords. This makes it practically impossible for intruders to use your data.

The whole Confidential Data section is considered "private" and will disappear from the screen at the hit of a button (or automatically if the app has not been in use for a couple of minutes). To show it again you are required to enter the PIN or (after entering a wrong PIN once) the main password.