CRYPTOBASE SRL is an Italian software company, specialized in developing secure encrypted database system applications.
It is owner of the registered Cryptobase® trademark.
It owns the following domains:
Our company has never engaged in finance and cryptocurrencies, nor has it anything to do with companies luring people into highly speculative investments.


In the past few months, we have got a series of email messages from desperate people having been defrauded by an alleged investment company, featuring under the pseudonym Cryptobase, acting out of the website "". Recent investigations have shown that this fake company name has been used by a company called the Milton Group. This company runs different letter-box brands (Cryptobase Ltd., CryptoMB and Vetoro Banc, etc.), all of them used to lure people, with sophisticated brain-washing methods, into investing money with promise of phantastic profit opportunities. The scammers of these company apparently contact people from a call centre in Kiev, Ukraine.

Recently, their criminal action has been uncovered by investigating journalists and reported to the OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project). The website has been shut down last week (mid March 2020). People in the hundreds have lost large amounts of money, sometimes their life's savings.

The following links shed additional light on the issue:

The following video leaked out from the Kiev office. It shows one of the "agents" (pseudonym "William Bradley") ridiculing a victim from whom he just managed to extort a conspicuous sum.

Furthermore, there are other dubious companies, abusing our "Cryptobase" trademark, specializing in persuading people to invest in cryptocurrencies and other "high profit" investments:


Typically, their websites do not disclose their location, or they show dummy letter-box addresses. They mimic reputable company websites with fake presentations of their staff, illuding customers into unrealistic profits.

Other websites do deplorably abuse of our registered Cryptobase brand to promote cryptocurrencies or similar investments, that our company, Cryptobase srl, does not endorse:

- Cryptobase Life

- The Cryptobase